App Inventor for Android: Tiny WebDB Service

NOTE: This service is being modified. It might go offline without notice

This demonstration Web service is designed to work with App Inventor for Android and the TinyWebDB component. The site is designed for use by applications running on the phone (via JSON requests). You can also invoke the get and store operations by hand from this Web page to test the API, and also delete individual entries.

This service is only a demo. The database will store at most 2000 entries; adding entries beyond that will cause the oldest entries to be deleted. Also, individual data values are limited to at most 500 characters.

The source code for this service, designed to run on Google AppEngine, is included in the App Inventor documentation. You can use this implementation as a model for deploying your own services with larger capacity and additional features, and build applications that use the TinyWebDB component to talk to your service.

Available calls: